We've raised our animals from birth, so there's no mystery in their history.

Enjoy the Best Bulk Buying Experience by putting your name on one of our animals with your deposit, sit back and let us raise your animal to its prime.

Your beef and pork will be harvested when it's in prime condition and shipped right to your door. Enjoy premium meats from the comfort of your own home.

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From Birth to Butcher

Family Traditions Beef provides high quality grain finished beef with NO added hormones. Our beef consistently grades high - choice or prime!

Through conservation and best farming practices, we strive to build up our land resources that support our cattle and herd.

We raise our beef from birth to butcher, so you can always place your trust in our products.

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We care about the same things you do!

Having access to delicious, mouth-watering beef and pork you can know and trust!

Raising our animals with care, respect and integrity.

Using conservation practices that take care of the land for future generations.

Raising our kids to have strong faith, work ethic and an understanding of caring for others and their animals.

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  • This is by far the best beef I have ever had. Way better than you get in the stores and without all the additives. It is amazing. Thank you, Family Traditions for all your hard work!

    Joy S.

  • I recently had some of their beef and my family LOVED it!!! I cooked it up over charcoal and the flavors were outstanding, not to mention the incredible tenderness. The other one we had was a chuck roast and made Mississippi roast in the crock pot. There were no leftovers!!! Thanks for a great product that’s definitely as good or better than advertised!

    Ron D.

  • Sirloins were the best I’ve had! Ground beef seemed way less greasy than store bought and the brisket…probably the best brisket I’ve had. Great beef raised by great people.

    Chad S.